Back together

„Yo, we’re in Vienna. Get here!“

– way earlier than I’d have thought, Daniel and Vincent arrive in Vienna. After ending that call, I hop onto a train, and about four hours later I see them waiting for me with a welcome-beer at Viennas main station. A truly welcome change after the boring regeneration days in the hostel. ~Q

Of course, our reunification has to be celebrated accordingly, and we waste no time getting to that after we arrive at our hostel. The next day, as we recovered with a park bench breakfast, a Viennese stopped his mountain bike with squealing tires. He’s called Raoul, and while we’re still blinking into the sun, he has already invited us to stay in his student flat for the night.

The weather has been great since we arrived, and for the first time we can comfortably walk around town in shirts and shorts. The rest of the day is spent with running errands and playing skat, sitting in the sun – in front of a laundromat, all the while watching the Viennese, who are happily welcoming the arrival of the warm season with us. Later, we get to Raoul’s apartment, where we have a nice evening with him and his flatmates and end the day with a cozy round of red wine and cards against humanity.

At this point, some observations made in Vienna: Quentin and Daniel are visiting the city for the first time and they’re consequently amazed by the sheer endless amount of old, grande and imposing buildings. I’ve been to Vienna before with my mom, and at every corner I’m reminded of our extensive walks through the city. This is where feelings hit me for the first time: Not really the homesickness Quentin experienced in Prague, but rather nostalgic thoughts of my family, my home, leading up to the big statement: You’re gonna be gone for a long time, Vince. Wow. ~V

On our last day we meet up with Matthias, a friend of Vince’s dad, in front of the Karlskirche, and are promptly invited for a traditional Wiener Schnitzel. After some nice talking, we head out of Vienna to make some distance on the Danube Bike Road, and after a dozen kilometers, we set up camp. We’re back on the road!